My Ramadhan : Day 26

A restaurant selling delicious lamb dishes in Marrakesh Medina,Morocco

Friday 31st of May

The morning gave a sense of stillness with the sky rumbled like something is unsettled. I like this calm morning; it gives you the okay sign to get up and have your day the way you like it. I propped up my potty plants and gave them some new and fresh soil that was delivered last night. They will be up and reaching for the sun in no time. I like that to happen and see the new leaves and buds grow into a handsome tree. Keanu was screaming at the background and it seemed alive and well. Although still small, the stray kitty has shown a good recovery. Keanu gonna be okay; such a strong little kitty.

Maybe if you are interested to know the little things about myself can follow the images below;otherwise, don’t bother because there is nothing interesting anyway. Some boring stuff that l have done for the last few decades. A question most probably popped up — for what? After all those years that you have done all those things for what ? Really! Yep what a waste of time. Do I feel accomplished for some reasons ? Not really but I do feel unfinished …. like I have not done the shit that I have to do…. and I don’t know what that is…all this while no one could tell me what I need to do to feel complete of myself although some can tell me what not to do. Nope it aint this one try another one. And I do have a little bit of extra time and energy left in me to pursue another try. I will keep looking……


For live URL go  here

For live URL go  here

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