My Ramadhan: Day 23

Tuesday 28 may 2019

A magnificent mosque in Casablanca

The sun was heating up the room pretty fast and I have an appointment with the doctor this morning. What a miserable day. My hunger was creeping up very fast as I had to skip sahur for the stupid blood test this morning. Lets see if my body could handle it. So far I could feel the hunger but nothing that I could not manage. So no issue. The clinic was pretty standard and the lady doctor and her assistants were very nice. Very professional I guess for a small clinic like that. Clean toilet and pleasant hospitality. Ironically, for the first time I realised that the yes column in the insurance form has more ticks than the no column. The lady doctor has written a pretty long description to detail out the yes part. Now I am not sure it is a good idea or not to take up the insurance for our house loan. No one would agree to put down an insurance policy without a very high premium. I felt old and unwanted. Like a yesterday product that has expired.whatever!

But it was a good trip to the clinic. The lady doctor was nice and pretty for her age. I did not ask but she must be around my age or a bit older. Her movements were quick and precise. In about half an hour she has examined all parts of my body as required. I need to take your BP three times okay so bear with me, she said politely. And she did, three times. Although I was not sure It had given any different reading.

And see who else had gone to the clinic—- my stray kitty Keanu. Grow healthy okay Keanu hang in there.

I have given up cats for some time now due to smelly poo and constant care that I could not spare. But my love to this animal is always there just like my late mother as I remember it. Then one cold night a kitty screaming came through the back door. I looked but did not see it anywhere but the scream continued. I just ignored. The next day the scream was still there but has weakened with every breath. I went out and there it was; trapped in a little hole all alone. I named it Keanu.

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