Ramadhan Day 10

The colours that rejuvenate an old palace in Marrakesh,Morocco


I was sickened by the IG suicide voting. Now we are on the map together with the rest of world in teenage suicide. Finally the beans have spilled and the true face of our youngsters have started to emerge. And that is a reality that we have avoided to discuss all this while. Nope we have a strong family unit, our culture is different and our kids would never do that.now what? Where should we start the blame game? As MJ said, start with the man in the mirror. Lets start all over again by admitting that our youth has problems and they need our help. In Uitm, as we are approaching the final exam week, many students will feel the squeeze until they find themselves in the corner and do not know what to do. Some contemplated suicide. Seriously. It happened. We were lucky that in Uitm we have a lot of safety nets that was able to capture this well before it worsened. In the front scenes and behind the scenes the safety nets are set up to capture the complicated thoughts of our students. Sometimes they want to be gay but then not all the time only when he has a boyfriend. Crossdressers feeling depressed and showed up all over the internet. Gay clashes were the worst because both could be at the verge of death. All these are real and happened right in our neighbourhood to our innocent youngsters. As I said, start with ourself and take care the ones around us close to us, boys or girls. Never to shun them away for being naive or misbehave.

Took them gardening

I understand well the pressure our youth is going through because I went through a rough time myself when I was young; being bullied and all. The psychological scars remain to these days and wish the culprits to die a slow death and suffer until his bones dropped. It was that bad. Feeling sad, reserved, isolated, frustrated, angry, raged,bad tempered, lonely, act of bullying and many more are signs and red alerts of youngsters in trouble. I work with my students by monitoring all these alerts and how serious they are. Once anyone of them popped up, I know what to do.

Mentoring program at the faculty

My students or any youth group in general live in their own complex society. As an old generation, I would have a tough time to understand and comprehend the structure of their thoughts and actions.but we have to dig in and get close to them. Only then we will be able to manage the situations.

The future of Malaysia is in their hands

Gotong royong program in Shah Alam

Good luck to all and may Ramadhan give peace and serenity so we find strength and reasons to walk our future.

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