My Ramadhan (continues …)


Ramadhan Day 7

Sunday. Gout attack. Period. So I scribbled this …..

Dulu kita kerdil menumpang bayang2 orang
Kini sudah gah pandai pikat hati orang

Dulu kita bodoh tak tahu tulis baca
Sekarang sudah pandai bermain kata2

Dulu kita hodoh tiada sapa yg nak
Kini sudah ada bini dan anak-anak

Dulu kita diejek pakai kasut buruk luka di betis
Kini sudah pandai berfesyen ala2 retis

Dulu kita tiada kawan punya badan bau kari
Kini sudah rapi supaya kawan tidak lari

Dulu kita tiada beskal nak pusing kampung
Kini ada kereta tapi x balik kampung

Dulu kita hidup happy2 aja
Kini kita hidup dengan apa yg ada saja

Indah sungguh hidup dulu2
Kini ia tinggal dalam kenangan

So don’t worry be happy …..

Ramadhan Day 8

The gout attack from yesterday was still there. You’d feel like to poke the burning bulge and let whatever inside to burst out. So painful. For those who do not know what a gout attack is…ask google. If you are over forty and woke up one day feeling like you’ve sprained your ankle and could not walk straight, the attack has started. In a few hours, you would feel so in pain you wish to get a knife and cut it out. You wanted to be so dead. Anyway, this is Monday and I have to drag myself to my classes; one in the morning and another on in the afternoon. I rushed out for the 8am class and when I reached the parking lot at my faculty, I just could not go on. I usually walk to the Engineering that would take about five minutes. But this morning, it felt so far away as I inched my way to the stairs. Forget it! It will take ages to reach my class. The walk was not only slow but painful as well. I never made it to my morning class. In fact, I missed the afternoon class as well. Maybe I should see a doctor and get some pills for this. I never did that too.

The pain made me so frustrated that I just refused to do anything useful. Fcuk it! I am old, I am mad and I am in pain. What else is there? I wanted to close my eyes and let it go away. Let the miserable things disappear.


Ramadhan Day 9
It was beautiful morning as I drove my son to his driving lesson. The sunshine was bright but pleasant and gave the springtime feeling from the places I used to be. But this is different, it’s home, the place I wont be leaving anytime soon. So, no hurry; no train to catch or flight to board. I’m home.

Nowadays, Shah Alam is home. It has been for the last 15 years. So far, we love it here; near to KL although I have seldom gone for anything important. Accessibility is good. People are friendly. The crime is low although scary sometimes. But we manage and keep our eyes open. I love jogging and there are plenty of jogging routes and parks in Shah Alam.


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