The Great City of Alexandria

DSC_6571DSC_6556DSC_6548DSC_6544Alexandria is an ancient city; opened by Alexander the Roman Emperor. The city is blessed with beautiful sea and endless beach.the long history of Alex makes it rich with cultures and traditions; Greek, French, British and Turkish. The sea breeze made the walk by the seaside a cooling experience. Complementing the scorching summer days that they are having in this part of the world. We stayed at an apartment subletting from the students who were away for the summer. It was a few blocks from the seaside. Sounds so nice and pretty; it was not, however, as pretty as it sounds. This part of Alex seemed to be old and crumbling down. The sunshine rarely reached the front gate which made the street dark and gloomy most of the time. The rubbish from yesterday still littered the roadside; made me so frustrated with the ugliness of human attitude. But one thing is good though, the smell of fresh bread from the bakery made the morning so tasty and refreshing.

I always love fresh-from-the-oven bread especially Arabic; it tastes so simple but fulfilling no matter what gravy you dip it in. I walked the beach despite the fact that it was dirty and not well maintained. The sea breeze was unique here when you expected the sizzling heat but all of the sudden the wind brushes it away leaving your face feeling calm and settled. I just could not get over the fact that I was in this great city experiencing great scenery as Egyptians have been for thousands of years. This is a resort city, I supposed, people come here to relax and have fun. And in those few days, the crowd was crazy. The night cafés were packed with people talking and drinking; they seemed to have fun. The noise was unbelievable even as you passed by, it was deafening. The summer night was awesome; I wish we could go to the beach and look up the stars. Only if we could cross the road safely (hahahaaha!). The traffics were mad and I just could not risk my life just to get to the other side of the road. It was so unbelievable but somehow or rather the locals just stepped into the traffic, put up the little fingers and rush over to the other side. But the car never seemed to slow down. A lot of cars on the road and at night that number had doubled(so it seemed).

I like the morning best in Alex,along the sea side road as the waves washed the rocks tirelessly. The sea was calm and quiet as though trying to keep the secret of last night. The sun was gentle and we walked by the sea side for miles and miles.There were a lot of people but we just could not strike any conversation. First because we do not know Arabic that much and second the Egyptians are a bit scary. Yes I am sure they are nice people but being close to a stranger in Egypt made you scared to even ask a direction. But everything was okay; I enjoyed my trip there tremendously.

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