Riding Through History in Cairo

DSC_6232Cairo (Al-Qaherah) is an awesome metropolis. Vibrant and breathtaking. The city that has painted a colourful life for thousands of years. The glorious past from ancient times can still be traced and seen on site. The day was unbelievably hot at 41 degrees. And under that grilling heat we decided to go on a tour to Giza to see those amazing pyramids. I just could not wait for another minute to get a closer look of the magnificent structure—one of the seven wonders of the world. it was awesome and I do not understand how the whole thing was possible; I still don’t. But whatever your belief towards this impossibility, the proof is there mounting up a few kilometers up, width and length. The stone blocks as big as twice of your big refrigerator stacked up high into the sky. My mind was blown away as I sized up the stone blocks up close. So huge and those square things are really stones. I was speechless as the heat kept burning my face. I did not really care of the surroundings; annoying people trying to sell stuffs and what not, I stood there looking up into the sky to find the tip of that thing. Maybe Fir’aun was really trying to reach the heavens and fought with Moses’s God. And this thing has been there against the wind and the sun for thousands of years. It was unbelievable. There are three of them ; the other two are smaller ones but as magical as the first one. Then there was this statue of lion headed creature around that area as well.I wish I could stay longer there to feel the long history of the place. The nearby villages seemed as ancient as the pyramid itself; as if the time stood still for the people to come and see this magnificent structure from the ancient civilisation. The donkeys still use the dusty street to pull the cart, that old lady looked beyond the time…I mean so old but still managed to sell us something. We drove on to escape the heat and the guilt for feeling sorry to this great community that live to make the history stays alive for many more thousand of years.The traffic in Cairo was mad as they drove like crazy people with rules of the jungle and used the road as he is the only in a hurry. Ironically, they managed to maneuvre through the rough traffics and small passages. I mean you would get from point A to point B; no matter what.

The great Amr Al-Aas Mosque



Buying fruits in Cairo


Being in this great city makes you realise the cultural diversity of the Egyptians. The many foreign invaders had left the cultural footprints that exist among the city folks and can be seen as you stroll down the busy streets of Cairo. The western lifestyle in fashion ,food and youngsters make you realise that Cairo has gone through many transformations. I was indeed blessed to be able to witness and experience the current and modern Cairo.



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