Lovely Irbid

In Irbid the air was cool and the sunshine was gentle. It was Friday when we stepped out of the apt building where we were staying. The place was a nice 2-mins stroll from the main gate of Yarmouk University. Wah this reminded me of the days when I was a student when I used to stay very close to my university ; just a few minutes from the university in Wichita, Kansas. I could see the faculty building from my bedroom windows. I could  rush over five minutes before the class started and still beat the Professor. In Irbid, the streets were quiet as Friday is a rest day here in Jordan. and that means the shops would be closed too. So we headed to the zouk ,the morning market, there must be people selling groceries and stuff .

It was still quiet only a handful of them started to open their shops and rearranging the fruits and vegies …. hmmmm must be a hectic night last night. I supposed so …not that I have been here to join the fun. But back home Friday night would be busy and hectic at the market. Maybe the same goes here. We strolled along the empty street taking in all the smell and aroma of the leftovers strewn at the roadside.

Looking for breakfast we walked deep into the alley and backstreets of this town. Stopped at one coffee shop and we had bbq meat and grilled mincemeat served with bread. They don’t serve hot drinks! Yes sir just help yourself with plain water. hahahahha this is cheap. I just don’t understand the culture here but who cares the meat was superb and mince meat was very tasty.

After breakfast we walked through the market which now had more people and a bit busier. People gave cold stares and cheeky glances knowing we were foreigners. But when I started snapping some pictures they were smiling and started to get excited. In fact the market got hyped up when the youngsters pulled me aside to snap the pictures of them and their produce. They asked where I came from  and got really friendly all of the sudden. I was shocked and excited at the same time. Without words we can understand each other; just a few smiles and a big camera. hahahahaha what a strange world we are living in.


Father and Son : His father dragged me to the shop as he opened it so i could take his picture in there.


The son was so excited too….I did not really understand why but went along and snapped all these pictures of him and his father. Hope they are doing well with the shop.


The father selling meat I supposed.


Plenty of fresh vegetables …


apples(I think) for a fiver.


This old man was selling live pigeons (a delicacy in this part of the world…so i heard)


You want some fruits!…..


Come and take our picture !..the whole zouk came alive when they knew I was taking photos……very nice people


This guy was so shy….but I snapped him anyway. I hope it was okay for him.

I love their hair styles hahahaha to tell you the truth… very unique and dashing; young people need space and freedom ….fashion gives them both. Let them have it after all they look good and neat! Back to Irbid and a few places that I have been , their youngsters do wear splashing hairdo….

By the afternoon the air got cooler and the whole neighborhood looked like an old European sub urban —- summer time at the place I used to be but could not remember exactly where ; maybe in France or Italy. The wind gave you the same summer feeling– the one that will make you remember the lovely place you did not want to leave. Irbid gave me that lovely touch.

What a wonderful place to be!

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