Travelog 2017 : Petra


At the Khazanah in Petra

We entered Petra at around 8:30 am when the sun was about to warm up this hilly landscape. Breakfast was superb with delicious tomatoes and cucumber. I think they were  better than the ones we had in Japan: juicy and tasty. Petra is a huge archeological  complex that was discovered in the 1960s and later on in 2008 was recognised as UNESCO world Heritage site.





As we leave Petra, my whole body was aching and I could hardly move. But the feeling was wonderful to be able to witness the display of ancient history and verified the many tales and stories about the people once lived here. I glanced back through the car windows and saw from a distance a civilization from the past that would sit and wait for someone like me to come by and being swept away by the magnitude of the whole thing. It would be there as it has been for thousand of years. The car dwindled down the hill fast like a roller coaster ride but I could barely raise a voice to slow it down. Let it just rolled down the hill, I need the time to nurse my tired feet and painful back. I closed my eyes and smell the air conditioned that blew onto my face.we were heading to our next destination– Wadi Rum

Four hours later we reached there. It was a desert camping area. We would be spending the night here.we rode on 4by4 to catch a sunset.A desert is a huge sandy and rocky landscape that you would see an Arab drives a car like a crazy man just like you see them driving on a street road hahahaha. The rock formation was magnificent and unique. A movie called The Martian was shot here. and you are right the place is like a strange place from outer space on a strange planet somewhere. We made a few stops and tries to take in all the history and moments from the past that came with the scenery. It was incredible and amazing experience just to be there. The exact answer to the question — what did you really do at the desert? nothing! just looking around. and it was enough. Then we were swoozed around to the next pont to wait for the sunset. Again the sight was breath taking which lasted for a few minutes.

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