Travelog 2017 : Jordan



In Jeddah, we arrived with Saudia Airline. Quite comfortable plane but shaking endlessly throughout the flight . This time we’re going  to Jordan and Egypt. I had no idea what to expect out of this journey, not much I guess. Travelling through the Arab world has a different flavor I supposed; instead of leisure it is more of an adventure. Anything could happen and usually it happened at the least time you expected. Not much of the hospitality as you received elsewhere in the world ;welcoming strangers with open arms and warm smiles. Over here is skeptical the first time and a nuisance the second time. As we do not speak Arabic we will get the nuisance look most of the time.

After eight hours of flight and a couple of old movies my body started to ache and every joint squeaked painfully. I find no leisure in a journey like this… long and tiring. Maybe the body is not fit anymore for a long haul travelling. Maybe as you grow old you need more reasons to do things out of ordinary. People say travelling is fun; I am still searching for fun in such activity. I will keep searching. It was 2 am and the smell of the transit lounge gave me a headache. The noise from a child tells that he was tired too. Why do we have to endure this pain? In search for a fun maybe or the urge to see other people and places. so we can brag about it on FB wall. I don’t really understand the world I am living. I guess that’s why I would create my own world and roam the impossibility in there endlessly. I have a secret garden that I go every now and then. A secret beach that I can lie down under a lulling sunshine. and a never never land that I can fly and be myself whoever I want to be. The childish fantasy in me is actually a saviour from the stressful world around me. The environment that aged me by the seconds.

One thing about travelling is that you have plenty of time ….waiting. You waited for the connecting flight, for the gate to open, for your document to be cleared or for someone to pick you up. So most of the time you would sit around and see people coming and going. It is the best time to contemplate on things that you have never had time to ponder. About life for the past few thousand hours that you spent living and surviving in this mad mad world.

I contemplated mainly on my growing up years when I had nothing at all. Without physical luxury or self esteem, I waded the fast moving current of my early life  with just the will to see and to know what was ahead of me. Living one day at a time and one step after another. I never had a big dream to change the world or that sort of thing. Because no one ever taught me how to dream or what to dream. I floated aimlessly for quite some time. But fate has it that I moved from one milestone to another building my own life; without realizing it. I survived, passed the exams, got a job and started a family. The time flies so fast. Before you know it, you are old and constantly in pain. I don’t want to get old and grumpy because I have a lot more things to do and to experience.

The transit lounge was busy even at the early hours of the morning. We sat and slept and waited some more. Fajr came at last and the boarding time should be anytime now. The flight to Amman was scheduled at 10.50 local time; it was on time. The flight was full and packed with big people. They made the plane looked so small. I squeezed myself into the seat and tried to relax and settled myself. Outside, the desert sun started to heat up the air, it’s going to be a hot day. I hope Amman would not be as hot. The flight was smooth and the food was good. For the first time I tasted a special diabetic meal (as ordered by my daughter who done the booking for us) and it was fantastic. At last the world understands what it means to be diabetic. We arrived on time at the Queen Alia International Airport in Amman. It was around noon. Ahlan wasahlan ! Welcome to Jordan—the Land of the Prophets.


Arriving in Amman, Jordan

IMG_9060 (1)

At the QAI Airport


In Jordan, the sun was high and temperature was around 40 degrees. The barren landscape makes the air feels so dry and unforgiving. The trees are barely alive and giving a glimpse of the hard life that the people of this land have to put up in order to survive. The young man at the immigration counter gave us a cold sigh when we struggled to give him the information that he needed. Usually at any other entry points we would be yelled at or screamed at when we were not ready with the information. So this man scaled better than average immigration officer. Overall, the  first impression of Jordan was good, people were friendly and the environment was relax; no police roadblock along the 200 km highway that we passed through to go to Petra.

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