The Night of a Thousand Angels


The moon shining high in the sky

The wind brushed cool against the skin
it was calm, deadly
as the morning started to take over
we raised to cleanse our hearts hearts
shoulder to shoulder
to offer the Qiam (night prayers)
the recitals reminded us of heavens and hell
the sin of yesterdays
and the inevitable death and forgiveness
spiritual warmth was overwhelmed
the fear was real
and the sadness came from nowhere
for feeling small and worthless
living like there were no tomorrow
no day of judgement
the tears came rolling down the cheeks
feeling helpless , powerless
forgive us my Lord for we have sinned
with the month of Ramadan
bless us all
and make this place
a better place to live
for the children to grow and learn things
and build a bright future

the world with love and compassionate
forgive us ……..


Chirahama, Japan

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