As we were heading towards Aomori, we made a brief stop in Michinoku Park somewhere in Fukushima. By 4pm we made a move and reached Moroika in Iwate and looked for a camp ground. The plan is to camp out for the night at the foot of Mount Iwate. So we planned, but you know God has a better plan. The GPS was set and it should bring us to that place in no time. The road around this town was jam-packed that evening so there must be some kind of festival later. The traffic was slow and the sun was disappearing fast behind the mountain but our camp ground was still not in sight. A new route was suggested and we still ended up in the middle of a massive paddy field. The unwritten rule says if you tend to camp out you must find the place by 4pm otherwise it is too late.
OK let’s try one more time with this stupid GPS, I said starting to lose my patience. And there it went again as we ended up at a doorstep of a Japanese house. They were out in the lawn playing baseball. let’s ask for direction maybe they know where the place is. With limited nihon-go, they understood our predicament and tried to help. The whole family seemed to call here and there asking if someone know the place we were going. I asked the father to come and set the GPS properly as it was in japanese; we might have missed something.
The father then said something out of my expectation…why don’t you camp out here on our lawn ?. Hmmm….koko wa? yes here, he assured. You are most welcome…no pay money! I was stunned and speechless. but looking at the night sky we seemed to have no choice. I looked at my wife and my children and this wonderful Japanese family that I don’t even know..I slowly said okay! daijo’ arigatou gozaimas… that’s how it started. The angels of Shizukuishi have come to the rescue……

We are very grateful to the Yoshida family (Masanori, Ryoko, Kengo, Syungo and yugo) for having us that night. And not to forget the handsome family friend – Tomoyuki Takahashi who accompanied us most of the night. We experienced Japanese hospitality at its best and will remain with us forever. I heard about this tremendously generous and kind gestures that Japanese has towards the guests but that night it happened to us. They are really nice people….no prejudice whatsoever. If it happened to me would I do the same? would I welcome strangers as willingly as they were?


Masanori Yoshida (papa) invited us without second thought. Helped setup the tent and power cable.


Ryoko Yoshida (mama) was very excited as well as she ushered us into the lawn.



The smiles said it all…. we were as excited as she was. Thank you Ryoko!


Too excited they even brought beer for me…damek! sorry no beer for me……hahaha thank you for the thought though…Yoshida-san later on made me some Japanese Oocha!


Ahmad and Syungo exchange contacts….


mosquito coil


The kids went out to buy fireworks for the night.


Thank you Yoshida family from all of us. We hope to see you guys again soon.

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