Learn death so you appreciate living

Just finished the novel “Tuesdays with Morrie” again. I just could not get enough of this book. The language is simple but yet the story is so deep and touching. I watched the movie also but not as good as the novel. Mainly it is about this Morrie guy who’s dying of ALS a neurological disease with no cure. The illness ate him from his toes upwards; crippling the limbs as it makes the way up until it reaches the lung. Death is inevitable. He made his death public so people will learn about it and appreciate life in a more meaningful way. We take life for granted, busy with other things that we forget to appreciate the precious gift of all—being alive. When was the last time you take a good look of yourself?—and smile because you have been fair to your own body and soul. You want to be healthy because you owe it to the body that has been good to you for so many years. So the soul can go on and search for happiness, peace and tranquillity. But when we are hooked up with money, fancy cars, luxury home, big job and the like; the true purpose of living has taken a back seat. We mourn death because we are selfish; so we can continue enjoy the companionship. But death most of the time is the end of suffering. Why could not we happy with that? Arwah Ayah has been gone for quite sometime; Ramadhan would be the time to remember his death. For me it’s always last year because no matter how long my Ayah has been gone; the memory of him and me is always fresh. I don’t need pictures or video of him; the images and voices are always there. Maybe you know what I am talking about if you have someone close to you that has passed away. I cherish that memory because it gives me reasons to keep my close family together; my mom, brothers and sisters. Sometime we forget them due to some family feuds, maybe; or something that makes you disappointed. Well don’t be, they can suck you dry from what you’ve been making day in day out and that would not pay off what they have sacrificed for your success. Life is about that, about keeping that family relationships close to your heart. As today, right at this moment I am still afraid to die. I must learn not to be afraid. Maybe not prepare for that well enough. The thing is that we know that we are going to die, sooner or later; but we live as if we have the right to be here. Only if we could remember it all the time and prepare for it; then life can be more lively and full. My solah, siyyam must be tip top so as not to waste time. And time will be a precious thing to be let go just like that. Anyway don’t let me put you down with this sad story; the first thing is to learn how not to hate death. Read about it, learn it then you will learn how to live.

Happy living folks!

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