When the little birds sing …

In Japan, March is the end of year thingy. Many things end in March, such as, academic year, school terms, and everything related to the university or schools. So many  of our friends will graduate this March after years of struggling through many hard winter seasons.


This is a farewell message to all my graduating friends …..

as the snow drips down the rooftop
and the birds start singing in the morning
the spring is back
and the sunshine will return
to warm the fields again

good friendship is like …
the sound of those little birds
that seizes all worries
when you wonder where they have been
during the cold winter

good friendship is like …
waiting for Sakura blossom
no matter how long
you know it will eventually come

good friendship is like…
that sunshine in the spring
always return
at the end of a harsh winter

you are our spring sunshine
always there to warm our hearts
and cherish our friendship
having a smile that perishes all sadness
and good words that solve everything

in JAIST people come and go
but good friends remain
in our hearts and minds
please come back
like the warm sunshine
that returns in the spring ….

take care ,my friends …and good bye .


ノルヂインアブバカル   アサヒダイ、ノミシ、イシカワ件、ニホン 2016-3-3




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