Will spring ever come …

It has been snowing heavily for the last couple of days. The weather here is very unpredictable, I guess. but one thing is unique here is that come the weekend, the sun will come out nicely. So we stuck in the office for hours into the night. The snow, the breezing wind and the sleet are no fun anymore. It looks beautiful like the Frozen movie but once the cold bites your bones and joints it is pain in the ass. But life goes on as usual in this small town on the Hakusan mountains where chidlren walk to school in the freezing morning and people hurriedly chasing the time to arrive at the office. As my son has to go to school, I would be one of those folks trying to get the car out and running in the blizzard.


Just like life….the hardships come unexpectedly even sometime incessantly consistent over a period of time but we perservere because we know the sunshine will eventually come to greet us. Get hold of your loved ones ; mom, dad, close family and friends for they would be your happiness. And being happy and satisfied with your life is the only worthy cause of living. The ups and downs, pains and sufferings will make us stronger and better in life so we can pursue this happiness. Although the world has gone crazy, do not let it ruin your life. Make reasons for you to smile in the morning and get through the rest of the day productively. Sometimes we feel small and helpless because we have started to realise the existence of the much bigger and stronger power upon us.

Life in Japan is comfortable even for us as foreigners. Although we dont speak the language at all people still try to make the conversation as pleasant as possible. Here ,in Japan , is the first place that I feel English is useless. The language that I have painfully developed over the years actally makes no sense in this part of the world. Yet we see them thriving into the modern world with heads up looking confident into the future. So thats is my answer if you asked me whether English is important or not. Don’t be too eager to throw away those old Jawi books because that is our cultural identity lost to the western ideas of modernity.

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