winter sonata



the clouds came again
to steal the mountain tops
and brought nasty snow falls
to cover the hills and valleys
and Asahidai where the knowledge explored
down to Miyatake with the little ones
playing the snow before heading for school
and Tatsunokuchi where teenagers learn to win trophies
….the trophy of life
and Tsurugi … a town deserted from the pasts

I ponder ….
longing for the place I used to be
has the sun risen as yesterday ?
bright and sunny …
has the sun colored the sky red?
before disappeared into the horizon
and rainbows emerged after the rain?
to give a lull afternoon
a colorful twist
I wonder … as memories drawn in the air

in solitude I started to understand
the sadness that comes in the winter
the brutal cold that makes
life difficult …..
as a reminder
how small we are
defenceless from the wrath of nature
how vulnerable we can become
without heat and warm water
how lonely a day can be
without love and friendships

as the snow falls
upon the pine leaves and empty branches
life struggles to find
warmth and comfort
to survive another day
for another winter sonata …


ノルヂイン アブ バカル

Asahidai, Ishikawa, Japan


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