Winter is here ….



The snow has finally arrived here in Jaist Ishikawa Japan. It reminds me of the old good and bad times during my stay in other parts of the world; namely, the US and UK. Wherever you have been the snow is always white, pure and fluffy. You would love it first until you realised how difficult it will make your life is in a few days. The car would not move until you dig it out in the freezing cold. The walk on the slippery road is nothing but pain in the ass….after your upteenth fall on your bum. It’s cold everywhere and you would realise how nice it is to be in sunny Shah Alam . One good thing about it is that it will last and the sun will peek upon your shoulder one day to warm your back and life will soon back to normal. But until then we will sit behind the window and see the snow falls from the heavens.

Keep warm folks it will be a long night!

Yep thats the most important thing during this time…. to keep your fingers and toes warm all night.Ironically, there is no central heating in our modern apartment; I had to and get portable heater to warm my room. And here the most popular type of heater is the oil heater running on kerosene……well I dont know how to explain but you put kerosene in there and it burns to produce the heat. I guess it is similar to pelita ayam that we used to have long time ago. I remember those “pelita ayam” days when our home had no electricity and it was my duty to go and buy the kerosene before the night came. It was smelly and once the oil got smeared on your pants it smelled for days. I really hated it. Well this one is the same story where they sell the kerosene in the container at the gas station and it smells like before. So I chose the electric one; the type called ceramic heater that will burn 25 yen of my money every hour. Well living costs money nowadays, where ever you might be.

Yesterday we had a chance to go to an international students gathering here in JAIST. Met a lot of international students from Vietnam, Thailand, India, China etc. I felt like a student again trying to make friends with strangers when most of the time they dont care where did you come from ….well that was my phobia long time ago. Now I got smarter and chose the ones that were friendly and nice. So it was a very good event despite the nasty presentation from students.


As the snow falls, I have warmed up to a good start in this strange place with many strange people. I have never thought to experience such a weird situation on a daily basis as the language has been a big barrier for smoother communication. Even with that handicap I manage to feel welcome and sense the warmth during our limited interactions.


douzo yorosiku onegaishimasu

Pleased to meet you too.




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