My Love, My Sunshine


The day seems lifeless without the streaming sun
The air blows a breezy wind
Sometime cold enough to peel off your face
The leaves turn colourful amidst the sorrow that will come
The sorrow of cold hard winter………
Life seems  isolated at this part of the world
A  clutter of houses sit at the edge of the forest
Alone and far reaching …..
From the warmth of civilization
But when the sunshine comes on a good day
People  jump with joy
They dance in colourful dresses
And smile for sunshine is hard to come by

FullSizeRender (12)

Many  years ago ….
A sunshine came into my life
To warm and shine my bleak adulthood
To kiss and made me smile
To love and showed me that the world is mine
We celebrated life the way we knew how
Simple yet fulfilling

IMG_6351 IMG_6235

Then the little ones came along
The joy blossomed endlessly
With that time passed gracefully
Days  turning weeks turning years
They have grown into beautiful people


My Dear Sunshine
You never fail to enlighten my days and nights
Taking care of us like you had a thousand maids
I am complete …. only when I am with you
Like two souls with one heart
Beating to the rhythm of love and passion
That bound us for the past  beautiful years
Living the dreams and making memories


There’re times when we were silent
When words will hurt further
There’re times when we laughed
To the silliness of our love
There’re times when we adored
To the beautiful of our companionship
There’re times when we cried
To the absence of each other


But my dear
Like sunshine in the autumn
That  pierced through the thick cloudy sky
To warm and shine the falling leaves
We made it through…..because
You are the sunshine
That warms and shines my life
When the dark thick clouds come again
I will be here … waiting
For my sunshine to awe me again
I will be here my dear…as always
to love and comfort you
For  the rest of my life
I love you, my sweet sunshine….
May this day stand to witness
That  our love will shine forever ……


Happy Anniversary , My Love ……

Asahidai Japan
17th October 2015

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