The society that progresses quietly……


a canal running through Tsurugi town


a stream running down from the nearby high hills

   It was pretty chilly today with the sunshine getting weaker and the wind made your balls to shiver. This place is so quiet…..wheeeeeeewwwww…..and pretty depressing as the leaves started to fall. Quietness seems to be everywhere here …the office, the city hall, the passage way even the cafeteria was as quiet as the library. They speak very softly and seems not to make a scene of any kind. In one office I went , the sound of copier  was louder than everything else. This would be in contrast with what we have been used to in the west where people speak their mind and saying it out loud. I guess being loud is not ethical around here. In Malaysia, we were quiet as well and talk when we are addressed.


 sawah padi is every where here


But lately being quiet is something out of trend, some sort of “kolot”. In the school we used to be quiet and being told off if not. So from where do we learn to be noisy when our traditional  values promote soft and orderly manner. A quiet kid is a trouble kid…so we read from a psychology book. I guess many learnt from the wild west—-a culture that has no respect of others except its own. When I was among these people I could feel the values that have been lost from my own. We look to the west and idolize everything that have come along. It is even institutionalize into our education system—to be loud, out spoken and noisy. And we all made to believe we are progressing into the future—-like our past is everything shameful. The community here in Japan proves that those values are still important and it would not hinder oneself to be successful.



They work quietly, speak softly and execute instructions meticulously. I have yet to see a short cut to anything; they bare to wait and they wait patiently. The leaders in this place, Deans and Professors, are regarded highly. I walked with the Dean yesterday and everyone just gave the respect that I have never seen before…..they spoke nervously to him as if he was about to chop off their heads. I realise to be in a strange place with values and ethics  , I thought, have disappeared from the society. The West has failed us badly although a big part of our community has firmly believed in it. It has changed  our direction way off into a dark tunnel that we do not see for ourselves where we are going just hearing that we are on the right track; we are not. In the 80s, my friends and I went to the US and was part of thousands of student community there. Now we are in our forties and fifties and are leading the society in Malaysia. The products of the West are now shaping up the country from what we have been taught and fed in the US. A culture of freedom of speech. Well some are good but it has brought along extra baggage that we could not handle…..the music, lgbt and some other twisted ideas.



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