Rebuilding Stolen Hopes : Return To Kg Lulut, Gua Musang


The Saturday morning traffic was unforgiving as usual. Fast, furious and “out-of-the-way-you-moron” type of traffic. People in KL seem to rush all the time as if their life depend on it. I was in a rush myself but my driving is always slow by their standard. But driving on Klang valley’s express ways is so individualistic in nature; as long as you keep on your side then we are fine but once you cross and do damage to my baby then all hell will break loose …… I always keep that in my mind and drive selfishly. I have to be in Gua Musang by noon and Kg Lulut by 3 pm.  On regular traffic and road condition I will have plenty of time; and today it seems the coast is clear and I should be there in time.

IMG-20150406-WA0048  IMG-20150406-WA0052

The return to Kg. Lulut shed a bit of excitement to this journey because of the people and the place. It was funny though because I know none of the people personally and the place is so remote as it always has been. But one thing is unique in Kg Lulut , the time seems to stand still. Going back to this place is like going back to my childhood when I visited my grandma who lived by the river in  Kg Tendong— the place of my late father.  Although Kg Tendong  is still there but it is not the same anymore.

IMG-20150406-WA0050  IMG-20150406-WA0049

My favorite time of the day in Kg Lulut is the early morning by the river. The morning mist puts your heart at the perfect rhythm with nature. The steady flow of the water reminds you of the time passing by. The river bank makes the whole scene so magnificent and a constant reminder that this serenity could become a wild and unforgiving mother nature. As the morning wears on , the mist disappears to reveal the whole stretch of the river that gives life to this community. The sound of the boats approaching marks the day has started in this sleepy and isolated community of Kg Lulut. It’s 7.30 am and the sun had already started to heat up the place. I would not miss to greet the kids coming up the river bank and rushed to their school. They looked wonderfully fresh and clean despite the slow ride on the boat. I was told that the journey sometime takes them an hour to reach this place. Last time I was mad to see this but as I think and try to understand the circumstances the anger subsided. I don’t have the answer to all my questions about why this is happening in the country that I thought to be modern and advanced. One thing I know for sure is that if this place is transformed I would have to find another place to reminiscent my good old times and to enjoy what nature has to offer.

IMG-20150406-WA0069  IMG_20150405_074234

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