Tumbling and Fumbling Into the Future

English Camp at SRIH Batu Belah, Klang was organised by PIBG Hira
I was asked once … what would be my contribution to build a better future for our next generation. I looked at my kids and satisfied that I have done my best to help them with their future…is that all? I wonder and my job as a member of this world would be completed. How selfish ! I still remember one simple Ustaz that came to our surau and asked the question  and it was like a blow to my face. How could I be so self-centered? I have my young anak2 sedara, thousands of UiTM youngsters, hundreds of Hira students and small kids that I prayed with at the surau……have I contributed something to their future as a responsible member of the community ? and when the answer is NO, I felt so ashamed that all this time I owe something to these people. How could I live my life, day in day out, and feel nothing when I bump into a bunch of kids with load of books  in their bags walking hastily to escape the afternoon heat. In Suratul Insaan verse 19, Allah swt described the youths as “ lulu’an manthuro” (mutiara yang bertaburan) when in Jannah. so beautiful from  the Creator….
Surah al Insaan : 19

On Saturday I was very fortunate to have the time to conduct an English Camp together with my wife Salwana and three energetic UiTM students -Aliyah, Hafiz and Izzat . The atmosphere was unbelievably havoc but in between the butt-kicking and run-a-around-the classroom we managed to give them new vocabs, sang Maher Zain’s songs, played a game, done a quiz, write a short essay and put up a football-singing presentation. It was quite interesting to say the least, to know that a lot of room for improvements are there for these kids. They fooled around a lot, yes….but beneath that explosive behaviors lie a gentle and simple soul that can be molded and shaped. We must hold on to our patience, a hard work  that is, and work with the kids tirelessly. I lost my patience many times yesterday but held on tightly not to release my anger because I know nothing good will come out of an angry old man. In the end, when I walked off that surau to leave, a sense of unfulfilled mission has immediately overcome my emotion. I need to come back and see those faces again.  Next time, In Syaa Allah!… in the meantime be good boys…..and girls.
They fumbled and tumbled but they are our future…pandanglah mereka dgn penuh  kasih sayang……

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