Rebuilding Stolen Hopes (Part 4)

The Heroes Among Us : Cuci-cuci Squad 


The pots and pans were cleaned piece by piece as Kak Na talked to the volunteers from Akademi Belia Negara Port Dickson

When was the last time you clean the dirty dishes or stained pots and pans? Well these folks like the job so much they came all the way from PD or KL just to scrub the stubborn mud off. It was a dirty job but some has to do it. After a month from the big flood, the utensils in these households remain unwashed. Cuci-cuci has been our primary goal for this mission as the aftermath of the flood would leave unimaginable volume of garbage and the things that remained in the house or around it would be dirty and mud-stained. We salute our volunteers’ commitment to spend time and do this unglamorous task, without these highly motivated folks the mission of CAFP to Kg Kuala Sungai may not be accomplished. Besides cleaning, the squad also spent time to know the family better and listened to the horror tales of the big yellow flood. How they finally agreed to evacuate and left all the belongings to the rage of flood waters. And how they were stuck in the shelter for days without proper food and supplies. We may never replace their memories but the presence of this squad may help them to reconcile with the reality.

Cameron(Scotland) and Callum (England) , exchange students staying with family Abg Mae & Kak Az joined in as well.


The squad being briefed by TM (our field commander)


eager to start as the morning started to heat up


Life goes on. Indeed, life in Kuala Sungai has been back to normal with the help of many NGOs like these squad members. After a good whole of cleaning, the task still seemed impossible to complete. The stubborn mud that has now become hardening clay would remain there as a witness that once the water had reached this part of the village; the time when all hell broke loose. The people seemed to be receptive of this squad and glad to know that someone do care and really came down here to help. May this small effort will bring a little smile and promising hope so that their future looks dry and bright after all.
The spades and cangkul : tagged and ready to go
The wheel barrows from JPM
The waterjets : importat piece of equipment to shoot the stubborn mud
The cleaning accessories ready to be wheeled out

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