Rebuilding Stolen Hopes (Part 6)

Heroes Among Us : The Chefs
The Chef : Nanoe in action


The Boss : Hakim in action


Being the smallest team (father & son) does not mean it is the least important; but on the contrary, this team is very important in any way you smell it – the F&B team. Bro Nanoe Kamal and son Hakim who own a famous restaurant in Pasir Mas (Kamal Restoren), was our official caterer and had been given total responsibility to provide food and beverages for the volunteers and local participants. It’s hard work with limited running water and supplies but our chefs managed to put all the hungry faces into jovial mood. The meals were always there; be it breakfast, lunch or dinner with superb menu of Kelantan’s best dishes every time. We were never disappointed. Nanoe and Hakim would go extra miles to provide delicious side dishes like toasted bread with butter and extra lauk like goreng daging etc. It was plenty for everybody including the locals. Overall people were very satisfied with the food and beverages. Usually volunteering work would make do with nasi bungkus and mineral water. Maybe if the locals pity us they would cook something on the last day of our visit; but for this mission we made a good decision to have a special chef to cook proper meals for us. Even way after the mission some of us are still craving for that delicious kerutub daging……

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