Beneath Gushing Waters

Is there a rainbow after the rain?
…that watered the buds of life
Is there life after the flood?
…that washed away all hopes and dreams
Is there a smile after the tragedy?
…that snatched away the self-esteem
Is there compassion after the disaster?
…that took away all the needs and necessities
Is there good after the evils?
…that brought about calamities
Was it a wrath of God?
…that gusted through the winds
befallen everything on its path
ripped humanity off the ego stand
surrendered to the vicious heavenly call
that came as gushing waters
through big rivers and small rivers
over the banks and bridges
as we stood there watching
our life’s gone with it
Oh dear God, forgive us all
the roof can be replaced
the walls can be amended
the roads can be resurfaced
the bridges can be repaired
but the ruined hearts
…….and damaged souls
need time to heal
need strength to reconcile
and above all
need Your Mercy and Compassion
to rebuild a new future
a new beginning ….
Oh dear God, forgive us all
for we all have lost and strayed…….
Dr Nordin Abu Bakar
UiTM Shah Alam
6 Feb 2015

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