trains to Brussels
on the train
After two days in Paris (two lovely days!) we headed north to Brussels. A train ride from Gare de Nord in Paris to Brussels will take about an hour. It was a smooth ride  and in no time we arrived in Brussels…and no custom check ? cross border immigration stop? I thought it was easy to move around in Europe. And people speak English more here than in Paris; but they seem not too friendly. Any way our stop will be that atomic building called (I forget the name) the place was so boring I could not even remember the name of that place. It was in the middle of a park and as we were  in  the summer , the weather was fantastic. We enjoyed the sun shades, sitting around watching the little kids playing football in the field. That’s all I did in Belgium( so much of the holiday!). the rest of us went up that atomic building I just could not bother to join them. The souvenirs were lovely only if I could get my credit card through…apparently not, I forgot the password. Well I never use my password with the card anywhere else ,London or Paris,.…but in Belgium they asked for the darn password. I left the shop without my souvenirs as my euro was not enough to cover the payment. Any way by 4 pm we were off again to the airport to catch a flight back to London.
That’s the atomic building in the back and you can go up into those ‘molecules’
Booringg…I just stayed outside .

Umi   in the letter O

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