Hazwan : One fine lad

at Pusat Sukan today after he won an orienteering  event
This is Hazwan. He is leaving us today for a better post in another department in UiTM. he reported duty at the faculty eight years ago; about  the same time I came here from Dungun. He has grown from a cute young kid to a one fine lad. He fell in love with one of the staff here also; got married and now living happily with their kids somewhere in Klang. I am amazed on how life has passed in front of me and even more so glad that I am part of his life.

He has been very important to us all in the faculty as the one that will help you find a classroom for your extra classes, fix the projector when it went off during your lecture,  turn to when the sound system went silent during an important event and lock everything down at the end of the day. He never turn me away or hush me off when the request was difficult for him to deliver; he just smile, his eyes glittered and that will tell you he will take care of things. Don’t worry I will work something out, and he did. It is hard to find someone like him around for tasks at the faculty are endlessly taxing, tiring and challenging; but he never complained.

As we started about the same time at this faculty, we kind of “grew up” together in this place. I supposed he is lucky to have a better opportunity after his eight long years here. I don’t know when I will be out of here or have a better chance in life as him. I guess we all have our own path driven by our own passion and expectation. I am glad to know this person and see him develop intoa fine young man.

He is also bright with new ideas and practical suggestions. I know that he is  working towards his bachelor degree taking weekend and evening classes. I am sure he will make it through. His future seems to be shining as reflected in his hopes and expectations. He wanted to be an engineer;one day, insya Allah his dream will be a reality. As you read this entry, you might wonder whether this is a letter of recommendation for some job application. Well it is not. It is truly Hazwan and he will be who is wherever he goes. I pray for his success and good life.

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