The ugly side of us

Morning traffic in UiTM is a chaos. This morning I saw my student fell with his bike in the middle of the road during the rush hour. He was okay. Then I almost ran into UiTM police traffic at one of the crossroads; he was right in the middle of the road. He did not raise his white-gloved-hand to stop me so I thought it was my way..all of the sudden he walked across to the middle. Both of us were stunned with the situation; what happened afterwards is not something you want your day to start with. But it’s okay he has every right to “maki” me; I should have stopped, my mistake.
But I tell you that it is not very nice to get a maki hamun. Since we are civil servant, service is our daily chores. And we get a lot of maki hamun for not giving a good service. Sometime the classrooms are not up to the standards, no parking available for everyone, the letters are late, the payments are stuck somewhere or the requests are not delivered we’ll get this verbal abuse. Now that I am at the receiving end; I have gradually come to understand the painful situation that my staff is going through. Although it is only a handful of people that like to say these nasty words to us but one person will be enough to spoil our day.  We are here, this is our job and whatever comes our way is fate; we have to deal with it one way or another. If people want to throw the words at us like a dragon then be it. But I would advice if he/she wants to be a dragon please go to China…
It is hard to control when you lose a temper. If it happened to you, sit down and drink some water. It cools the body down and the anger evaporated. Some people kick or punch something to release the troubled energy; hopefully it is not your face in the way. In Islam, our prophet taught us to make wudhu’ if you are angry. No one will benefit out of this angry situation; not you or anyone else. It is the ugly side of human that we try to hide or avoid in all circumstances. Being in this position I see a lot of ugly characters; the many faces that we are made of. I think I am very fortunate to know the real and true side of people; manipulative, greedy, opportunist, stubborn and plain ill-hearted. Can you find them in an institution like UiTM? You may ask. I am sorry if your jaw dropped but Yes because we are all human. Believe me,I deal with them every day and face them every time I walk around  the campus. I gradually come to see the true picture of humanity and it is not pretty. Maybe this window of opportunity to see the true picture is a lesson to me. To be patience and see deeper into things. To seek knowledge and guidance from Allah. To see people beyond their words and feel their true intentions.
It is a quiet day at the office. A lady came by to report duty from a long 3-year unpaid leave. That’s a long time but I guess with family chores and all, the time is up before she knew it. Wednesday is lull , we are all waiting for Friday to turn up. And then the weekend will come along to heal the wounds of the week. Life will be marvelous again….

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