Went on a long drive to Jasin today. I’ve never known that there is really a place for “jin bertendang”; but, this must be it. And  this remote outback is in a kampong called Kg Mendapat…dapat apa? Don’t ask me..I don’t expect anything from this place sorry to say that but it’s so depressing just being there. I mean in the middle of nowhere. So I went there with a delegate from Pejabat pembangunan to survey the progress of an UiTm campus . Nothing important really I just want to be in a place that many of my colleagues (maybe myself, god forbid!) will be working next year. A dilemma that has been haunting me from  day one being in this new office. I will be the one to pick and choose who will be there; so help me God. Being in the place myself I have no comforting words to cushion the crushing impact of the order to move there. No worries. We will cross the bridge when we get there.


lecturers’ room

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