Is life a battlefield ?

I woke up this morning  with these pressing questions in mind: Is life a battlefield? Am I  struggling  to get something or fighting to win something ? If so, who is the enemy? Am I on the winning side or losing side? Am I the good guy or the bad guy? Where is my weapon? In a battle people shoot with guns? Where is my gun? Maybe that’s why I see many people struggle in life because they are in a battlefield. Some drove fast and furiously dangerous maybe because they didn’t want to lose out in their battle. They jumped traffic queues, supermarket queues or any queue because staying put, being static, means they would be in a  vulnerable state; a very dangerous position in any battle. People fight each other a lot, well this is what people usually do in a battle, which causes a lot of pains  and sufferings. Politicians fight an ugly battle nowadays just to win whatever they believe should behold for the society. Friends, colleagues, brothers, sisters, husbands and wives are all the warriors or fallen heroes of some battles. We set to endure pains for the possibility of wining the battle. It’s like losing a lottery for the sake of maybe, just maybe that he would be that winning millionaire. “perjuangan yang belum selesai…” –a slogan that shows a battle of some sort—for some it is not a mere slogan but a lifestyle. I feel so remote and isolated because I really hate that stupid slogan.
I see life as living not fighting. That’s why I don’t understand why people compete just to get to the food at the surau. I would sit for iftar because no one struggles to get anything before the azan but after that they will fight their way to the food; and I always  would  leave them alone. It’s okay maybe they need the food  more than I do.I would prefer a quiet dinner at home. I love driving not because of the speed but because it takes me some where, let me see more people and most importantly for me to enjoy the scenery during the ride. That’s why I drive very slowly. I hate when people ask “berapa jam sampai KB?”—and they compared with others who has done it in half of my time. I always came in at the bottom. Go away, I just don’t care how fast I drove or how fast you have driven.  Maybe life is “ a survival of the fittest” , a natural phenomenon that fit very well in describing how things evolved and changed. Well I beg to differ with Mr Darwin because I am a human and I realize that I have this thing called “intelligence”. With my intelligence I drive my own evolution and cast my own destiny without leaving anything to chance. I will call my theory “ an intelligent selection for the survival of human species”; how’s that Mr Darwin?
I have survived for nearly half a decade of wonderful life and hoping for more in the future. In many of those years I always tried to be someone else: smart like so and so, lively like so and so, have muscles and six-pack like some actors and what not. In the end what makes me happy is to be myself; nothing fancy just me and my own self. I don’t fight to live; I just live it.
I’m sure your life is far more challenging than mine; live it to the fullest folks! And good luck.

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