50 Tips On Writing Great Research Papers (Tip #3)

Use an outline to organize your ideas and writing

When you first start a writing project, make an outline of the major headings. List the key ideas to be covered under each heading. Organize your thinking logic and the logic of your arguments at this level, before you put it into a complete , grammatically correct and elegant sentences.
Separate out the three tasks of: 
(1) figuring out what you want to say – something like brainstorming where you jot down whatever comes to mind. Ideas come and go so make sure you put it down the moment they come to mind. Having a pen and a notebook  handy is a must for an academic. Don’t wait until later or until your ipad has been fully recharged to secure the great ideas.
(2) planning the order and logic of your arguments – putting the ideas into proper perspectives in terms of order and logic needs a lonely time at the desk. A work of a writer is usually lonesome; you can’t do it over at the mamak stall or somewhere like that. If you can’t do it in this manner then make yourself do it. Academicians practice this behaviour during their PhD-days when the pressure was constantly on your back you would sit yourself down and write.
 (3) crafting the exact language in which you will express your ideas- having ideas is only half of the journey (maybe less than that) and it won’t be good until someone can read it and use it for something. And that means you have to put your ideas in writing. Good writing would make the ideas more appealing and interesting. This is what these writing tips are all about.
Good luck and happy writing.

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