Having pain or pleasure ?

(pic) Feona on top;Ashes at the bottom

My sexually active cats are at it again.Love is in the air or rather the mating scent is in  the air. Ashes just gave birth to 3 baby kitten less than 2 months ago. As usual the stupid cat hid the babies but Ashes was even more stupid because she forgot where she put the little ones. We heard the calling but just could not figure out  where they were. I even asked my maid to climb up the roof and looked in between the gutter (apparently I’m too heavy for the old roof top not that I could not climb or anything..just…oo never mind). So we did not find the little kittens and after a couple of days the calling died and I supposed that’s the end of the poor kittens. Stupid  Ashes!. Anyway she ‘s all horny again for the last couple of days and a lot of ugly male cats are coming to Ashes. It looks so painful just to mate or it’s just me trying figure out “If I were a cat” thingy. She was chased around, over the roof, under the car and all over the place for that pleasure or pain!? The funny thing is that when those macho male cats went away she would call them back with her low grrummmmy voice and the male cats went crazy all over again. And it’s been like that for the last two days and maybe for a lot more days ahead. Well maybe they are having fun……
Ironically, human is like that also, don’t you think? We chased girls around for one thing only….pleasure..right..and the pain just came along with it-a package.
That orange macho cat just came by for Ashes. Obviously a fiery fight follows.

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