The system SUCKS!

I started my day early today looking forward to do everything else that has been postponed for a few years. One of them is to visit the dentist. The last time I went blinking under that sunny light and had my dick going….where is that lady smell coming from?— was the end of 2009. I was supposed to come back middle of 2010 but you know one thing after another you did not realize you were missing your dentist appointment until your breath smells poopier than Snoopy the Dog. I was there half an hour before the place open to get ahead start; I was so eager to have my mouth open wide. But before that I was so intrigued to see how the place started in the morning —- slow like my old Plymouth in the winter. The doa was read like a talqin for the dead and everyone looked like they do not belong here —-no morning greetings and definitely no one smiling while coming in. That is the best description of a place called Klinik UiTM Shah Alam. I used to come here and it was okay, friendly and inviting but today everything has changed and not like how it used to be.

And you take a number to get a number…..what? confused? ..yes let me go through it again, first you go in and look around and around and around because no one there to greet you, then you think you should go to the place called “counter” because you came in before and you went straight to that place….no one there so you kind of standing and waiting like an idiot until some one happened to come by and told you “pak cik kena amik nombor kat depan”. So me, now an old pak cik, went back to the front and push a number. Now what? Did not what to do next this old pak cik went back to the counter only to be told off again…” duduk dulu nanti kita panggil”. So pak cik sat down with the anger half-boiled already. After a while pak cik was called and given another number and asked to sit down again. Pakcik sat and waited like pak cik has nothing to do for the rest of the day. The nurses come and go like they have everything else to do other than fixing my teeth. So pak cik felt so geram like someone will get belasah today. Waited and my number has not come on the screen. Finally the number was called and pak cik stepped in the room and sat on that chair and the nurse turn on that silau light. The doctor came by and asked to open wide and read my teeth out…..2-6 missing, 2-8 missing, gum problem, oral hygiene blah blah……ok finish go check the appointment with the nurse. Can I get my scaling today? I asked politely. No not today, she cut me off. Forget it then…….and I did my lecture right there and then. For me to come here is a big struggle and now you want me to go home and come back again, God knows when…what kind of a system is this.“ itu polisi kita….” She replied without any sign of apology or guilt. I left with an absolute disappointment. I hate when the system is not forgiving and even more to the people who are proud to protect it.

Then I went to another place—Klinik Pergigian at the Fakulti Pergigian which is closer to my office, hoping for my teeth to get fixed today. No one was there so I thought this could be better that the other klinik. I went straight to the counter and ask to register. Pakcik amik nombor dulu…. But no one else is here and I need to get the number also. I touched on that fancy screen and a slip slid out, took it and sat down. Alone ,no one was there. Not until 15 minutes later the number was called. Aaargh…another stupid system. Pakcik go and sit overthere. When I was called I went in , sat in that chair and the nurse turned on the silau light and the doctor asked me to open wide and he read my teeth out……blah…blah…..oral hygiene not good…..blah…blah. OK finish come back when we call your number(my phone number). So I go home now. Yes we will call….I got so fed up with this stupid system. If I go to a private clinic would they check me and ask me to go home and wait…..I don’t think so. But these govt clinics they don’t think about customers or good services, they just want to follow the system. Well my dear, the system SUCKS!…..

2 thoughts on “The system SUCKS!

  1. yes,that happened to me too.thought they did it to me because I'm an outsider,but i didn't know they did it to you too.abah,if you want to go to the dentist,i think i want to follow too!please…


  2. Hai.. kenapalah orang se “muda” DrNordin dipanggil pakcik… tak ada sense of greeting langsung… anw saya ketawa macam nak pecah perut baca cerita DrNordin nih.


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