2011: The year to “play,play”

Have your ever thought of giving up your work? Go out and see the world ? or join a tablighi team and khuruj for the rest of the year to IPB (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh)? Well I am not that adventurous but I think I’ve had enough of work. Maybe it’s good to put it into a “sleep mode” for a while and do something else for a change. I need a relief from a choking work schedule that seems to be taking away the fun and joy from my life. The same feeling like watching Anna Spaghetti sang her you tube song to win loads of money on AJL. Life has never been so ugly last weekend. Maybe I should go to the ceramah after all; To Guru Nik Aziz was in Shah Alam last weekend but I made all kind of excuses not to go and stayed home(actually I was not feeling good—again, excuse). But with Yuna and FZ on the air how can you resist….only to find one stupid girl with a strange name doing her number on stage. Anyway, I am not gonna let that decision by professional jury ( read : bunch of idiots) ruins the rest of the 2011. I am not taking life too seriously and take every opportunity to “play,play”…well maybe work a little but not too much. Can or not? We’ll see.
Agenda for 2011 : 

 jogging : my favorite because it requires no skill whatsoever.and I can do that.

 golfing : It’s time to replace the dusty old set with a new swinging one…hmmm..maybe after I can hit the damn ball.
 swimming : so far so good…..I can make a starfish. ” start with the float , Abah”, my son Ahmad told me. I am getting there….


snorkelling : one fine time will go back to Tioman Island and roam the sea bed again.

Scuba diving ( like my friend Hazim…): still dreaming…….

 baking : enjoying my time in the kitchen…YES men do things in the kitchen as well okay!
 camping : favorite pastime
 easy fishing: another favorite past time

Life will be beautiful again….InsyaALlah…. 

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