Hajj – the time to reconcile with your Lord

LabbaikaALlah humma mala bbaik

Labbaikala shari kala kala bbaik

Innal hamda wa ni’mata lakawal mulk

La shari kalak

And the recital goes on and on, from millions of people converging to Makkah al mukaramah for thousand of years; including maybe you and me.

1. If you are one of the many Malaysians going this year then alhamd. Shukor, you are about to go on the greatest journey of your life. Maybe you have gone to London, Paris or Tokyo; but believe me, this one is different. How different? Well you have to experience it yourself. Making a niat to go for Hajj has always been very difficult. It is true that people say the first step is always the hardest. You think of who will replace you at the office, who will pick up your children from school, who will feed your cat or water your plants. If your mum or dad or your sister knew about the intention then they will come even before you can make that call. So most of the time it will be settled; the house, the kids, cats and plants will be taken care of. Then your inner thoughts will come and haunt you at the end of the night. Am I ready to become a “haji”? a word associated with an old man who has nothing else to do in the world other than waiting for his death! Do I have to give up my weekend trip to a karaoke joint or late night with an old friend or nick a chick for a midnight drive? Evil thoughts that make life so “interesting” start to colour your niat. If that bothers you then it’s time to sit down and seek answers from Allah. No one can answer that for you if you really want to make this trip worthwhile. There is no point to go there because everyone goes and now it is my turn. But no worries mates!, if you really have a pure intention to go, Allah will give ways InsyaALlah.
2. Hajj is a very physical exercise and demands stressful commitment so go while you are strong and healthy. We never know when we will fall sick or become poor so grab the opportunity fast while you are at it. Not much we can do when the knees are no longer strong, or the eyes are losing sight.
3. Someone said that he has everything already the car, the big house, wonderful family and fantastic career; whatelse do you ask for during haj? Well what about a healthy soul for a change! The one that know who the Lord is, that we are the creation that will return to Him someday and afraid of His Judgement Day. Indeed that is what the haj is for….a spiritual reconciliation with the Lord to beg forgiveness and “redha” for this life and the life hereafter. That would be the time and place to do so….start from the Wukuf in Arafah until the end of haj.

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