KL and I (3)

Some while ago ,I was in KL presenting a research finding to the big hot shots from a number of government agencies in Medan Mara. It was not going very well, you know, they did not agree with us and we just could not imagine that they were all too stupid to understand what we were talking about. You know stuff like which makes you feel like a big hammer is pounding inside your head. I was desperately seeking peace and quiet; just for myself. I sat myself down infront of the busy TAR street and kind of looking at people passing by. It’s kinda strange to be among so many people but still can find peace and quiet. Where do they all come from ? Each and everyone with his or her own unique appearance. Some were ultra modern while others were just plain shabby. An old Chinese man came by looking into the garbage can near where I was sitting. I mean after 52 years of independence there are still people rummaging through the garbage. It’s nothing wrong for doing that but there is a sign of desperation and hopelessness in there. I returned my focus to the street where more people are coming and going. Then there was a middle-aged Indian woman. A typical Indian woman with all kind of jewellery on her face, wearing a short-sleeved shirt with sarong and all. I found in her something interesting; somehow she fit into that picture naturally. They are the colors and faces of KL. So diversed and colorful. Have you ever wonder about their homes and family ? What will they have for dinner ? will they be pleased to go back to their family ? Do they have nice houses? Where exactly do they live ? I mean it’s nice to know somebody like that. Never mind I just sit here and look at people. A group of girls passed by… I mean boys … I was confused…..I took a look again.They were boys alright. They fooled me there for a minute. They dressed and walked like girls. Their faces were pretty and sweet and , you know what, they giggled as well. Oh dear ! apa la nak jadi dengan bebudak ni ? I reckon they must be around 14 or 15 years old. Aren’t they suppose to be at school ?

The time was about 4 in the afternoon. The streets around the area were getting busier. I went to meet up with my colleague and sat down to wait for others. A shabby looking man approached us. Mitok deghemo, cik (want to donate, sir). I shook my head and told him off. Quite arrogant, huh! But with a feeling having a big block pounding my head , I would not mind to punch anybody who got into my face. Wouldn’t you? My buddy on the other hand started a conversation with this man. He told us that he ‘s from Kelantan and came here to get some donations to fund his tahfiz(religious school) back home. Bit by bit the picture started to be clear. This man is genuine and his tahfiz school really needs the fund. I mean he ‘s here to get help and all he knew was to ask from people. A straight forward technique that needs neither strategy nor complicated plan of action . He didn’t know even to dress up for the task . All he’s got was guts and determination. I supposed when it comes to desperate measures everything goes. I flipped out RM2 for him….it’s good enough ,I was broke.

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