The War, The New Year’s

I was in the middle of a war, a soldier of some kind. But could not figure out which war was it or which party I was with. All I knew was to run for my life; running low to duck the spraying bullets. It was crazy out there, the explosion was deafening….boom….boom…I stopped for a breather. War is a crazy thing that humans have created out of greed and selfishness. The Romans were narrated for their war in Europe, the army of Alexander the Great roamed half the world to prove his right to the throne, then the barbaric Mongols came all the way to Baghdad to revenge for their beheaded ambassador, Salahuddin had finally defeated the crusaders and entered Baitul Maqdis after a long and costly standoff,Hitler wiped out the entire Jewish people from Germany in WW2 and the war in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine are some anecdotes of brutality that people have suffered now and then. But we never learnt from history, and with a little a motivation of security and a belief that your ass is in danger, a war is initiated. I guess it is a natural thing that people go to war. Some kind of hobby that empower the men to go and whack a stranger for some hypothetical reasons like a threat to our race or the entire nation. Looking back to all those grueling WW1 and WW2, the countries that got involved and sent all their young ass died for the country had somewhat evolved into a highly developed country like Japan, USA, UK or Germany. They all have suffered in the war, their people have suffered tremendously but then after the wounds have healed and the dust settled, they became the nations that command success in every aspect of their life. should we go to war for our success as well? Hold on to that thought because time has changed. Our forefathers have fought the British, Japanese, and Communists in so many bloody battles; and they have successfully defended the land that we can call our own. I guess we are going that path as well; the path that will make us learn what the war has taught the others.
A big boom exploded just above my head; and I thought how would I survive this war. The threats seemed to be everywhere the big one could even jolt me up from where I was. I opened my eyes and there I was lying on my bed looking up to the ceiling fan swinging lazily. It was just after midnight. Damn. It was people ushering the new year…and I thought I was in the middle of a war!

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!

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