The Trial

……that afternoon we met again, high above the city in a place so special to both of us; seems so far away from the rest of them, so secured to seal our love…and lust. Our eyes met, our hands shook, and my heart shuddered to the mighty fear that filled the room. He grinned with that eerie look on his face like the monster that keeps chasing me in my dreams. I tried to let go of my hands but they just got frozen in the painful squeeze of his big-ape palm. Ouch! I tried to be cute. The files, papers and some letters scrambled on the floor as I pushed myself away. I kinda expect what was coming but kept telling myself that I could handle this. Not to worry. The room was strangely dimmed for a business meeting or was it something else. “ are you ready, sir?” I asked as I pulled my pen opened. “O yes!” he pulled a seat beside me. We are always close with each other, like brothers I would say. I trust him with all my heart and soul. He put his arm around me and pulled me closer. I could feel his cheek and smell his breath. Very clean. manly. He whispered into my hair, can we play today? My heart pounding a thousand rhythms. Could this be true? I heard a desperate plea of loneliness. I looked into his eyes and saw a battered soul. I melted. This is just too much for me to bear. I am nobody. How could this happen to me? I looked up as if an angel is about to come and rescue me. Nothing. I was alone with tears running down my cheek. The mighty thrusts are coming on and I was not ready.”No you can’t do this to me, sir!” as I pushed him away. “Do what ?! I just wanna play, that’s all!, he assured me. I have seen that face before and heard that line too. He threw the towel and asked me to get myself ready….for the game. When I came back, he was ready. The lights, the bed, the curtains are all ready. I went to him . We hugged. The towels dropped and the game began ……
…the trial continues.

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