How to make succulent ikan keli jelly soup for your cats!

Are sure you want to do this ? Remember…this is for your CATS! OK not for your self. But if you like ikan keli(catfish) so much why not ? Since the cat food is so expensive nowadays, I made it myself for my cats. I just don’t want them to feed on the kitchen garbage or the leftovers. I think this is more proper…if you love your cats. I usually feed them the biscuits but that also going up so have to save as well on that . This ikan keli jelly soup is much more cheaper than any catfood that you can find in the store.

The ingredients : 1kg of ikan keli (RM7.00), 1 can of sardine (RM4.60), 1 cup of corn flour (RM0.40) and 6 liters of water.

Steps :

  1. Cut the catfish into pieces (about an inch long). Don’t wash the fish; put everything into a medium size pot.
  2. Fill the pot with 6 liters of water(or 3  of that big fruit juice bottles) .
  3. Put the fish into the pot and bring to boil.
  4. liquidate a cup of corn flour.
  5. put the liquidated corn flour into the boiling soup and stir until you see the soup thickens a bit.
  6. turn off the heat and leave it for a few hours or until it is cool off.
  7. Open up a can of sardine and poke the sardines into pieces.
  8. pour the whole can into the jelly soup and mix them up well.
  9. fill up that plastic container with the jelly soup.
  10. put  them away in the fridge to let the jelly settles for about an hour or so. 

The ingredient will fill up 10 plastic containers. Each container can feed about 3-4 adult cats for 1 meal/day. If you have 1-2 cats , find smaller containers to store your jelly soup.

This will last 10 days at about  RM1.20 per day for my 3 cats and a few free loaders.

the cats love it very much …..

store them away in your fridge before you feed your cats. But if you want to give to them right away, make sure it is not hot.
This is Ruffy. Lazy and getting fat.
This one is  Friday. She’s been naughty lately and got herself pregnant. Expecting  Frodo, Freida and Fraudy
and this is Sarafeena. so adorable
….and they all love my ikan keli jelly soup.

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