Maaf dari Sorga

I usually grab an English novel without a second thought. I drool for the story like someone is thinking a chicken rice for lunch. It would get me pinned down to a sofa for two or three days. Well that’s when I got nothing to do during my college days. But nowadays it is painful just thinking of that because I can no longer afford to do it. Life just could not be like that anymore. I long for that cold winter days when I just kept myself wrapped up with a good novel. I love those stories about life and everyday problems that people face. I came across a Malay novel a few days ago lying around my living room and still in a wrap. I got into it and the rest is history. “Maaf dari Sorga” by Faisal Tehrani. It took me two days to know the meaning of that “maaf dari sorga”; why and for what reasons. I’m glad because that is one good piece of writing.

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