A good start …maybe?!

A new term begins today in UiTM with many many promising faces. Glowing for a bright future ahead. They usually do in the beginning of the semester. But somehow or rather the beaming faces fade away towards the end. I really want to know why. Because when I was a student the motivation dispersed into the thin air due to bad jokes from the lecturer or disgusting results from the tests. I am sure with a little effort from within they can pull this off to the end and came out with glory. I am optimistic because with me today was a group of repeaters. Some gave me the “fed-up” look but many were very enthusiastic. I did not promise anything to them as I am afraid I just could not deliver. But generally I know what is wrong here and deep inside I can feel the way to fix it. It’s like having an old car that breaks down so often. After sometime you know when it will break down again from the sound of it and you know where and how to fix it. You have been fixing it for a zillion times, even with your eyes closed, you can feel the parts and fix it. That what happened today . As I glimpsed through the faces , answered their questions and read their comments, I think I have a pretty good idea where to start. I felt warm and energized. A sign of a good start. InsyaALlah.

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