when things got messy

Things are getting pretty messy right now. This is that time of the year that everything will come crashing on you demanding this and that. The semester is coming to an end so exams are coming up and all sort of evaluations have to be done by now. But my dear students have their own agenda and they run their own schedule. They really are giving me a big headache. None of them can finish up the proposal and asked for a postponement. Perghhh!….will meet them later today…let’s see how to work that out.

I do like to tell my problems in this blog; but you guys never respond to my entry so how? It’s just like talking to myself which is not really a therapy that I am looking for. I know many people are reading my blog entries but never bother to comment, it’s not fair you know. You peeped into my window and run away. Anyway, I still can’t get over that stupid budget. Downgrading the civil servants with that 500 ringgits; yuran tadika pun tak lepas ! If the government has no money just say so…there is no reason to intimidate us and said so many millions have been spent on that. It sound generous but with no impact to our income. The amount is not the issue here but how much you value our contribution is very significant. Whatever……

One thought on “when things got messy

  1. hohoho.. on the budget, there are so many things that actually can be improved.. najib got to state the real reasons, qualitatively and quantitavely, on why the gomnt decided as such.. but, of coz, it will be another burden for him, which, he doesn't really care… hohohoho…


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