Is there life without sex?

So ramadhan is almost reaching the halfway mark. Not that I am counting the days into syawal but my little buddy is getting restless already. It is not easy to keep him settled down there without love and care; knowing that he is one active little monster. But don’t get me wrong, I love ramadhan as much as those aleem people do. It’s just that when the qur’an is closed and you sit alone waiting for that emails to download the little buddy starts to feel warm and healthy. Oh No! Not in the middle of the day you freak! But what can I say, he is my best buddy. So the message is —“Houston! Houston! We’v got problem!”. So people say that life begins at 40, are you sure ? I think the right phrase is sex begins at 40! Yep! That’s the right one. So those under 40 what you had was not sex….it was like you played with it a little,it got dizzy and vomited. Kahkahkah! OMG I am still puasa and this is getting dirty. My apologies. Seriously, the question is whether or not we can pursue life without sex ? of course not, we all know that.
But sex is so dirty how come such a neccesity in life is so dirty. Wait a minute….did I say dirty? Is sex dirty? Who said sex is dirty raise your little buddy? I don’t think so. It is such a beautiful creation of Allah that put the excalamation to the life itself. Yes i want to live for it., don’t you? But since the beginning of time the beauty of sex has been painted ugly and dirty. How hypocrites we are? I can’t imagine those living without sex for even one day. Restless, loveless and hopeless…a recipe for a man who is about to go really mad. Have you ever seen a mad mating elephant? Running around with his little monster looking for a mate. That’s what we all are without sex, isn’t it?
The thing is that when people abuse sex for whatever reason, the beautiful thing has become so ugly and so dirty. The kids nowadays can do it whenever and wherever. No more respect to the essence of life. Marriage is nothing more than two horny grown ups agree to go at it, that’s all. But it is the way we respect the beauty of sex and thus the life itself. The only way at that. Now gay couple starts getting married as well. Just to get that respect…..but wait a minute you guys abuse sex in other ways la! No! No! Little johny cannot play with little joey! Little johny has to play with little mary! That’s the rule, otherwise everything will be ruined and spoilt. I just don’t understand why some men like the other men for sex. I mean how can you find such an ugly ass so tempting? In the fb I’ve got a lot of this kind of people ( the so called my circle of friends) who likes to do nasty thing to little johny. Poor johny.

Anyway, the green flag will be up in a couple of hours. Enjoy your drive folks!

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