Bebaskan Selangor dari Arak !!!

For the good month of Ramadhan I will pray for Selangor to be free from beers and wines. For that big beer factory to be struck by lightning and turned into a monument so the dogs can go and kencing there. So when is it gonna happen…maybe not in this time dimension. No more excuse, please..just do it!. Get rid of those beer bottles from our convenient stores so our teenagers would not get them. I just could not put it any simpler. Everyday when I do my daily jogging, I will pass through a playground near my taman and see the beer bottles all over the place. As if they have been having a party of a life time. And the place is less than 50 meters from our surau. Can you see the disconnection there? I don’t want to spend my time praying when my young neighbors are getting drunk just a few yards away. You see in Shah Alam and my Taman in particular not many non-Muslim around and we all know them all very well. They would not do this for sure. I don’t really know what to do or say anymore, people have a lot of excuses for not getting it done. I hope in the month of ramadhan , Allah will bestow upon us His rahmah so we can see the good from the bad.

Free us from these evils.

2 thoughts on “Bebaskan Selangor dari Arak !!!

  1. wlksalam,
    Soalan ni dlm bahsa kampong ambo dipanggil…soalan cah keting !straight to the point and very deadly indeed. Well the answer is obvious isn't it, as obvious as the fcuking factory itself! But what is done is done. We are very unfortunate to have such a group of moron politicians. The current govt must do something no doubt…what!? you might ask. the answer is with Nabil raja Lawak —lu pikir lah sendiri. That's why people picked them in the last election.


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