Unity In Diversity…what a piece of crap…

I chaired an editorial board meeting earlier today for the faculty’s new computing journal. The task is supposed to be just routine stuff—but not today’s. I was shocked to find out how diversed we are even as colleagues; doing the same thing and working in the same place. The difficulty in reaching them and making them understand what I want to do and what they are supposed to do. I found myself in the same exact position again that deals with people and management. It was not a pretty sight and I guess this task at hand is no difference. Oh dear! Am I putting myself into trouble again? Trapped in the well that I just could not let myself out . How come I let myself down? The thing is that I can do this job not because I am better than anyone else but because I like it when it comes to writing. I write because I want to understand; and the more you understand stuff, the more you like it. I want my friends and colleague to like writing so they can understand better. The equation is simple but time and again I must realize that it does not work that way. It did not work before and it might not work this time as well. OMG how I wish that was not true.

This is not the first time I organize an event in the faculty; but why I feel a squeeze I just don’t know. As if you were driving and all of the sudden people closing in on you from all directions—left and right; a truck himpit you from the left and a big bus comes in from nowhere to your right. You are squeezed in the middle. You will be left raged for being weak and helpless. And before the day ended someone called in and told me that they have an event going on at the same time and at the same place…..can we merge into yours ?….. What? I am being hijacked as well! I just do not understand this…so now there will be another program crept into my workshop with no explanation whatsoever. I wanted to smack the heck out of whoever at the other end and said NO!….but I didn’t.

4 thoughts on “Unity In Diversity…what a piece of crap…

  1. a,kum dear Dr. I think that's what we call is life .I believe you can overcome the situation as what I realized that you have the brave heart and very optimist.I also learn from you how to become as strong as you are in my daily life. We share the same problems in life and the difference is only I'm not as strong as you are.Good luck Prof.

    selamat berpuasa.
    wan kamaruddin musa


  2. salam moha & balok,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I do reading your assignments. The hard work is that I have to give a grade after reading your assignment. But in life, grades are most irrelevant.

    enjoy your Ramadhan. and don't forget to sign up as Followers. Thanks.


  3. Dear Dr. Your blog is not only a story. I realized that there is a lot we can gain from your writting. It is very interesting to share your experience, how you manage to overcome the problems and the way you find the alternative to the problems.

    I will try to use your idea in my daily life as a leader, as a father and also as a student. It's not easy to motivate people as well as to change their attitude and behaviour. That's the real things I face in my daily working life.

    Semoga Allah memberkati puasa kita dan memberi rahmat serta ganjaran pahala berganda di bulan Ramadhan ini.

    Selamat berpuasa dan menyambut Aidil fitri yang bakal menjelma.



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