Ramadhan will arrive again

The year seems short
It was as if yesterday I woke up for
…..that heavenly sujud during qiamullail
…..that tears afraid of an-Nar
…..that serenity of soul during the prayers

Ramadhan will be here again
…waballigni Ramadhan
And let me reach Ramadhan
For this mind and soul
Longing for Your rahmah wa maghfiroh

Let this coming Ramadhan
Will be brighter and livelier than the last
With nur iman and taqwa
From the cleansed soul and
The heart that longs for the redha’ of the Creator
The forgiveness that has been promised
And the Jannah…….

Ramadhan will come
With maghfiroh wa rahmah wa ridhuan min Allah
For the good soul to see and to grab
The opportunity that might be the last
Let there be the easiest way
To freeze all the evil actions and thoughts
From within or out
From up above or down below
Let this soul be strong enough
To travel through the nur of Ramadhan

Let this Ramadhan
Be the best among the best
For the many years of my living
The days will be no more long and thirsty
The nights will be no more short and sleepy
I want to spend time with ALlah and His words
Contemplating the good news and bad
Listening to the prayers from the Angels
Asking forgiveness of the sinful actions
Seeking refuge from the evil thoughts

Ramadhan is the light
that brighten up the dead soul
To taste the heavenly sweetness
As an ‘abid who long for his master
For maghfiroh wa rahmah wa ridhuan min ALlah

Ya Rabb
…..waballighni Ramadhan

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