When a raging bull found the red flag …

In Malaysia, demo is an ugly word ; so ugly that even a school student knows it as “perhimpunan haram”. The scene that police are all over with tear gas and all. People are running all over the place for safety. And the media warn everyone to stay away as all access to the place are blocked. A sad scene I must say. After 50 years of independence we are still running away from our own shadow. We believe what people want us to believe and we still do what people want us to do. Is that an independent nation ?

In reality demo is an act of expression. Is it so wrong to express yourself? The chaotic part starts when some kind of provocation is involved and that is naturally come from those men in blue. Why cant they protect us instead of shooting the tear gas? Again and again the peaceful demo has turned into something ugly and un-ruling . Maybe they want it to be seemed dangerous. Peaceful demo is supposed to remain peaceful. Protect the people so they can go on and voice their feeling. That is the very basic of human right. After a while they are tired of fighting and there is a new red flag for the bull to rage on…..business operators in the area. They come in groups to claim what said to be the damage from that weekend demo. People are so jahil about the true cause of the demo. Instead of helping they turn on the poor demonstrators. And our leaders watch with a smiling face…the bull has found the red flag. Bravo!

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