Sharing experience with SBP pupils at Tiara Beach Resort, PD

Late Monday I sped off into the dark Seremban-PD Highway for an event at TBR organized by Bahagian Sekolah Berasrama Penuh, Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia. These pupils are from boarding schools all over Malaysia brought down to PD for a week for motivational workshop. PD was quiet that night maybe after the busy weekend. But I can see the night is still alive even as the time is approaching midnite. I called up my friends who were patiently waiting for me at one of the noisy night café along that winding road by the seaside. I wish not to stop at any of them as they all seem artificial with all that neon lights, blinking lazily into the wee hours. I finally stopped at this café and as expected surrounded by the dim lights. There was a very annoying karaoke going on as I was trying to figure out what to order. I saw the table full with unfinished order so immediately I can smell some bad cooking skills from the kitchen. But it was a long drive and I was bit hungry that night so I just ordered whatever recommended. The sound from the karaoke session has not finished and it was so damn annoyed. I wish to be somewhere that this thing is banned altogether—so bloody useless. I don’t know about you but I like my meal in a serene environment so I can indulge into the taste and the conversation more thoroughly.

The event was very simple. They gave us a group of students and let us interact in whatever way we see fit to give some kind of advice or motivation. We spent the whole morning doing that and it was interesting to know them coming from various schools all over the country and different family background. For me it was very fruitful sessions and wish I could spend more time telling them all sort of stories. But I have a class that afternoon so have to rush back to Shah Alam.

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