My Last EMBA Seminar in Kuantan.

I wrapped up MIS subject for MBA students with feeling of unfinished and incomplete. So much to tell in so little time. The world of MIS has expanded and grown so fast in the last couple of years with the help of online applications and web services. So many issues to be reconsidered and reviewed in this new platform. I wish I could spend the day with endless time to discuss and digest the subject so they can really understand and appreciate it. I am really tired to go and spend my precious weekend to discuss something for the sake of the class alone; after which we go home empty and repeat the same thing again and again. My time is very special and I want to spend it for a worthy cause; for me as well as for others. I have a lot of this kind of weekend classes where students come once a week, like they come out of nowhere and expect a miracle from the lecturer to cast a spell on them so they can become knowledgeable. You know what…it does not work that way, learning is a long and daunting way of getting knowledge. Coming to the class on the weekends alone does not give you the right to be successful…it is the basic requirement for a part time student. Getting the best out of that two days , on the other hand , will grant every right to be successful. That would mean to DO your homework and getting as much information as you can prior coming to the class. Some students just don’t get it that way. For many coming to the weekend classes just like spending your free time doing some academic stuff with some friends away from noisy children. And by the end of it you will get a degree. It’s hard , I am sure, to give excuses after excuses for not attending the weekend functions or family gathering just to come to the class; but that is everything to a part-time student and we must make everybody to understand the situation. In fact that is the very commitment that you and everyone just like you have made before registering the subject. That important agreement must be upheld at all time. So how to be successful as weekend students ?
1) The most important part is to go to the class well-prepared. Take the day before to freshen up the last lecture or finish up that over due homework.
2) Lighten up the burden by doing group discussion. If you are married, let your spouse understand this and never miss your group meetings. Avoid meeting at the mamak stall, it just not the proper place for knowledge sharing. Book a classroom or meet at your friend’s office.
3)Show interest and participate in the class discussion. You will learn faster that way.
4)Ask questions honestly and in due respect of the lecturer. This will give an indication to the lecturer on how much the subject materials have been understood. He/she will adjust accordingly.

5)Be independent and try to study when you are not with the group. Spending a couple of hours before bedtime is a good habit.

6)Always make doa to Allah for the strength and perseverance in fulfilling your aim to be successful in your study.

The challenges are plenty and you will have a thousand reasons not to attend that class. In the end it is your choice. I wish all my EMBA students the very best and steadfast for that deserving rewards at the end .

2 thoughts on “My Last EMBA Seminar in Kuantan.

  1. Dr, no worry about that. Let puts it in this way. May be your knowledge about the subject too much compared with us, so you feel what you had done was too little. but on the other side, we think that you given us with lots of knowledge. the important thing here is what is the bottom line we need to know. You can evaluate this through our final exam…

    anyhow, actually doing MBA needs more reading and should be instilled as habit. To finish assignment, more articles need to be read…but it's the challenges…


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