Freaking Friday

I woke up this morning to the smell of stinking shit….my cat Ruffy got some stomach problem and shit all over the living room. Bad Ruffy!.and who do you think has the honour to clean it up.Well the master of course..and that’s me!. Not a good start of my Friday. Everybody likes to play with the fur but no one likes the dirty job of cleaningn up the smelly shit…not even the bibik!. I went looking for her all over the house this morning but to no avail….maybe she knew the cat is bad this morning. So there goes my breakfast…just could not swallow my toasted butter with all the smelly shit. And when I looked at him (Ruffy the cat) with my smoking ears; he knew I was mad so he scrambled away and hid outside. Somehow the communication is going across maybe at the minimum level…well what do you expect, he is a cat. Ironically I was not aware that sometime I talk to these cats. They look into my eyes as if trying to say ….so what! I am a cat , can’t help you bro…..they are great sometimes but when he ate something bad then this will happen and I feel like kicking the ass out of that stupid cat.

So I went off to the office without breakfast and a face that Picasso would not even put into his drawing. But today is Friday , it’s okay ,things will get better. They usually do but not this Friday. I went off early with the guys for lunch but we got I just could not pick the lauk; I kept smelling that stinking shit from this morning. OMG! When is it gonna end! I ended up with a bowl of bubur kacang from yesteryear ( well it tasted that way ). Then the khutbah was so boring talking about somethings that have been repeated a million times…I just could not remember what it was all about. So stinking boring!. Finally the time for solat and soon off we all go. During the solat , all of the sudden there was this guy getting out of his place and pushing in between myself and the next guy for a way out. Must be the lunch , I thought. Oh No was I wrong… the guy pee during the solat. Can you believe it……..the stupid guy pee in the middle of the mosque during the solat, and he was in the front row just behind the imam. You can imagine how far he has to drag his wet –pee-all-over feet all the way to the toilet. In a way I pity him as he might be suffering from some bladder disease…but…hello…you don’t have to squeeze yourself to the front row also. Take the back row so you excuse yourself if anything happens.Perghhhh…some people just could think properly. See how much damage has been done on the carpet alone…soaking wet with his stinking pee.

And as I drove back to the office, the news came ……..

It’s official. UiTM Shah Alam is closed due to the outbreak of the swine flu virus. After the campus clinic being swarmed in by the students yesterday; the campus is no longer safe and I guess the flying pigs are here. We have been attacked. So everyone has a one week break. Not sure whether that’s a good news or a bad one. I am freaking up already.

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