RU Or RU Not?

That’s the latest catch phrase in UiTM….a bit late , I think. But not too bad still have time to catch up. The next two spots will be up for grab and UiTM is desperately seeking the edge to get it. The deadline is end of August and everyone is urged to dig in and find something to boost the figure (at least to score 75). During the last exercise we scored less than 50….that ‘s the reason why UiTM was not in the list. So everyone is busy like the mother chicken preparing the hatching eggs. Digging here, digging there, digging everywhere to find that paper virtually lost in the pile of dusty waste. What a pity sight!

Look! I am as exciting as everyone else to know that UiTM is going for it; but we have to be real , wake up and smell the coffee. Are we really up to it? Is everyone ready for whatever circumstances that will come henceforth? From the figure I doubt so! Not that I am being pessimistic but rather practical. Not so long ago we were an institute doing the second class courses for some bunch of exam losers. Then the announcement came that we are now a university and now we are going for this research university (RU) status. The development is positive, okay so fine enough. But the thing is that as we move from one status to another “the game” will also change. Can you play a good game of soccer when the goal post keep changing? You can of course but not a happy one at it , don’t you think? Soon you will be very tired indeed. And that’s exactly the case with UiTM right now. The rules keep changing because we like to change. I am just getting tired catching up with all these. It is just not a fair game.

I would like to see UiTM to develop at its own pace. We are big so in a way we do things differently. A good foundation will support tremendous growth in the future, I do believe that phenomenon. Even more so as we are an academic institution where the enhancement of knowledge is subtle yet robust with a good combination of features. Patient is the order of the game really. But some people want to see results fast without any second thought. The road ahead seems certain paved along the ivory walls; but is it really? Have we pause for while and look back? Maybe not because we are busy planning ahead.

RU or not the culture of research should be there already. Otherwise we have failed miserably to deliver. But looking at the current scenario, we haven’t got mush space to move….with the teaching loads going over the top, crowded labs for undergraduate and no facility for the PG. what really are we talking about? Will RU change that for the better? I have no authority to change all that, or to influence those people to reconsider. We are in the society where orders come from the top and not rise up from the bottom. When the ship sets sail you are gone with it, whether you like it or not. But I want a choice. Give reasons for me to choose.

Anyway, I am working to get my impact score. The real face of my academic soul. I pray for worthy look.

4 thoughts on “RU Or RU Not?

  1. well, yay u are right Dr. we suppose to give choice but u know as assets to the organization, by whatever ways management will use those assets to achieve the organization's objectives. like u say once we embark in the ship we have to follow.
    RU or not, u have to follow, but the only thing under your control is the pace either agressive or follow your energy, but I believe you have enough energy to follow the order.


  2. Dr,
    If I may, we might want to take this as a challenge for a greater calling.. looking backward is of course not a choice.. however, steps that are needed to be taken must be carefully evaluate.. diving without a proper knowledge about the sea is disaster..


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