Losers in Manek Urai

Another PRK another celebration in Kelantan; does not matter who wins a celebration is like a wake up call in the sleepy little town of Manek Urai. We passed MU the other day a few days before the campaign started and all we saw was empty tents and deserted kedai kopi…well of course then because we reached there at about 2 am in the morning. But the point is without big event such as PRK nothing really moves in MU. A place spelt unreachable with modern transport a few years ago. This sleepy town sleeps a little bit over 10,000 dwellers that mostly do some farming for a living. They are somehow isolated and passed-by by the road users traveling along GM-KK highway on the busy hari raya trips. It is interesting to see that these people have spoken to the world through their votes…courtesy of modern democracy. Local MU saw people come and go with their slogans and noisy ceramahs. Choked their dusty roads and filled the deserted kedai kopi. They came and then went home with stories for more kedai kopi sessions. Kelantan people like that kind of festival; maybe some looking for some fun and make up some reasons for it. The people of Manek Urai will stay for another work day in the field with what ever promises that may never be realized. You see people in Kelantan have experienced the election promises one too many…….but those fools from the big city still came with the same old stories. They might be Kelantanese but they aint no fools.
But the interesting part is that the election results have shown that both candidates have failed to deliver ( I agree with Dr Abu on this analysis). The small majority speaks for itself. How come PAS struggled so badly on home ground !?…..not a good sign I supposed. I smell an internal fight is brewing. The heat of the last Muktamar has not yet settled. Although some PAS leaders are playing the wayang kulit; we know for a fact that things are not normal. The Nasha case is still in the air and so does the Unity nightmare. And what about that “UMNO is ajaran sesat” statement by TGNA. Abe Uji failed to maintain the big majority left by the legacy Pak Su Weil and Tuan Aziz failed to push for a clear victory as done by some of UMNO candidates before.
Nevertheless, a win is still a win and Abe Uji will head for KB soon to take oath as the new ADUN. Can he stand and argue for MU people in the state assembly is a completely another story. But he certainly is the man they trust. We pray that he can deliver.

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